Thursday, August 14, 2014

An Introduction!

During my semester of student teaching, I was racking my brain for a unique theme for my future classroom. I wanted it to reflect something that I was truly passionate about, but also offer plenty of opportunities for built-in learning. After some brainstorming, I realized that I wanted my classroom theme to revolve around World Travel.

Looking back, this seemed like a clear and natural choice... As a child, I learned French at the Lycee Francais de Chicago through their immersion program and have loved the language ever since. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Montpellier for 6 months in college. Since then, I accepted a year long English teaching position in Saint Etienne. I hope to instill an interest in the world for all my future students because there is truly so much to see and learn!

I have been working on materials for my classroom and will be posting them here as they are finished-- including exclusive freebies to my followers! I would LOVE to show support to other hardworking teachers who are keeping a blog, so please comment if you would like me to display a link to your blog on mine!

While I get this blog set up, please check out some of my products on my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Also, feel free to check out my blog, Parlez-Vous Francais?, where I will be writing about my experiences abroad throughout the next year!

Hope you enjoy the blog and the many teaching materials that are to come!